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I first designed this wagon when I was pregnant with my first son in 2005. I always wanted a cool wagon, but most the wagons on the market were pretty much the same unless you wanted to spend the $$$ to have a custom one made. This gave me the idea of building what I believe to be the first affordable off-road Baja buggy wagon on the market. My husband and I spent several weeks designing the wagon to scale on paper and trying to find parts such as tie rods and heim joints, coil-over shocks small enough to fit, flanged bushings and all kinds on other stuff. By the time I had purchased all items (at retail with shipping of course), I had quite an expensive mess of steel and parts.

Since this was my first ever fabrication project, I had many hiccups in design on the way. I had so many speed bumps along the way that I ended up putting the project away for awhile until I could get another run at it. Months went by and I had my son and still no buggy was complete. Next thing I know my son is now almost 3 years old and I only have an unpainted rolling wagon in my garage.

Finally after having two boys and staring at my wagon every time I opened the garage, I finally decided to finish the project I started so long ago. Once I was done, the wagon came out GREAT!! It was AWESOME!! That is when I started the idea that everyone should have an opportunity to have one and see how cool they really are.

My husband and I have since been working hard at our dream. Itís just the two of us starting this adventure and hope it will be a memorable one.

I have had a great time with my wagon. I hope yours is just as much of fun as mine!!

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